How to Do Dissertation Page Numbers

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How to Do Dissertation Page Numbers

The Right Format of Writing a Dissertation Page Number

Dissertations are not just complicated and time consuming to write. A lot of work goes into developing an excellent paper that showcases your proficiency in research. As a student, the whole dissertation is mostly organized, but it can be a troublemaker to write down page numbers. The method you use for doing this should not be the only way. This means that you should have an editor check on your work and adopt your preferred format.

A typical dissertation page number would be:

  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Volume 5
  5. Title page

It is worth noting that even though you are required to include the page number on the title page, this is often omitted in the American and UK ways. It is easier and quicker to try and check and verify if your referencing style is the one recommended by your department. In some countries, there are specific requirements for referencing pages and page numbers. In most cases, including all the sources will require one to state their location and in which pages they are found, while in the reverse direction, you need to cite the source first.

In most cases, some countries often assign a page number on the headings. However, unless your country recommends otherwise, it is recommended to stick to the used convention as indicated below:

American Method

The most common convention in the United States, is that when stating the page number for your dissertation, the page number should appear on the first line or at the margin. The only exception is for chapters and dissertations where the page number is written on the title page on the first page following the heading of the chapter or journal. However, you can use this method if you are writing from outside the United States and its common convention to use. The formatting guidelines given here should also be applied when referencing the work

UK Method

One common convention in the United Kingdom is the use of the ICAO but should be widely applicable. However, there is no specific style you should use as long as your dissertation is acceptable. In particular, references should be listed alphabetically unless your specific citation rules require otherwise. The page numbers should appear in upper right hand corners. This method is very much to avoid going off-topic as sometimes the knowledge that comes with being a good researcher can easily be tainted.

Italicized Method

In this method, you will be required to include the page number in quotation marks between the lines. The formatting guidelines given here should be applied equally when using this method. The language should also be used in quotes as it is a dissertation. Therefore, while this may be an entirely different convention, the style is fully applied when using this method.

In conclusion, your dissertation pages should be distinct but easy to read. If you find that anything about the page numbering is daunting, do not stress yourself by opting for the international style of numbering. Otherwise, you will only embarrass yourself. Writing a dissertation page number is something that can easily make or break your dissertation. Practice your technique, and in the end, the page number will come in handy.

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