How to Have a Well Thought Out Dissertation

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How to Have a Well Thought Out Dissertation

Writing A Dissertation: An Overview

Dissertations, like most other academic tasks, are assigned to students at a variety of grades. However, most students have a distorted notion of the entire submission. In some cases, the dissertation is merely a lengthy article with a comprehensive literature review. It can be thought of as an exploration of a research question.

On the other hand, other students might take the observation that a dissertation is primarily a research project. And, to some extent this is true. Nevertheless, your paper plays its role in laying the theoretical foundation for your thesis. What you will have to do is compile a well-researched literature review for your paper, and you end up with a well-researched paper.

So, what does the dissertation entail? Quite simple. First and foremost, you are expected to create a dissertation text. This means that you are required to show how your research works according to the goal of the thesis. However, you will find that you will need to create dissertations to follow these requirements. The problem with this approach is that it is very time-consuming. This could easily be explained by the fact that one has to stay on top of the academic research topics.

Nevertheless, these are the times you are allowed to use your own sources. This is because the school can only award you a comprehensive, mostly bibliographical, copyright. Even so, since students get to use other school resources, this will not be a major problem.

In the end, your paper should delve into a topic that you are genuinely interested in. You must then state your theory and then demonstrate how it relates to other areas of study. This then means that your paper should not merely be a good summary of your research. You must also be able to demonstrate how you have indirectly contributed to the knowledge of the researchers whose research you are based on.

No matter how old your paper is, always remember that it should be written based on the latest edition. This means that any errors you make should be in line with the current standard. Moreover, you must adhere to the content requirements for the paper as well. Failure to do so might see your paper tossed out of the school or even result in a poor grade.

Elements of a Perfect Dissertation

As you probably know, each paper contributes to the overall performance of a student. Therefore, you are always expected to have the highest quality of the paper. One can only conclude that a good dissertation has three main aspects in mind. This is as follows;

  • It should have coherence with the thesis. It should apply the goal of your research to other areas of the institution.
  • It should also tackle a preexisting problem. As you did for your research, you should establish your theory, provide a solution, and then show how this relates to other knowledge.
  • Finally, it should provide some contribution to the subject. When writing a dissertation, you must think of the data you have collected as well as that which you have borrowed from your sources.

It follows then that a dissertation should be refined based on each criterion mentioned above. This, in turn, means that each student should strive to polish each paper they create to perfection.

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